Channeled Message

Commander McColskey of the Celtic Federation of Arcturus

We are coming to you today to speak of the overwhelming energy that many of you are experiencing with the ascension and the phases of your moon.  This energy is not coming from your moon but is being bounced off of and intensified by your moon.  The moon is acting as a transmitter and amplifier to give you all the extra strength version of the latest energy upgrades.  Why would this be necessary you might ask.  Well it isn’t necessary, but it is extremely helpful because it hastens and quickens your learning, clearing and healing processes.  At the same time, it probably is causing many people to experience some negative feedback and blow back in their lives.  Change is hard as you know.  Intensified change is even harder.  We want you to know that, even though this is extremely intense, it is well worth it for you will come out the other end of this energetic period a new and clearer version of yourself.  Much will be shown to you as you traverse this difficult journey to your center.  Along the way you will meet many versions of yourself in your past history.  This is an exciting and sometimes terrifying trip, but it should be seen as a cathartic and healing journey at the same time.  You will find that old versions of yourself were not as positive and good as you remember them and you will be given an opportunity to heal and change those aspects of yourself.  Other versions of yourself will be shown to have been some of your truly amazing self and that should be celebrated.  This journey will allow you to take what is the best of you and keep it and also to study, heal and discard those which do not serve you or others.  Thus there will be a cleansing and refreshing of your systems.  Discard the old, tired and unnecessary parts that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in your old programming.  Embrace that which is of the Light and helpful to yourself and others.  You may walk away from this with only a handful of aspects of yourself, but with the knowledge of what you need to build from here on.  Do not be afraid of losing these old parts of yourself.  You will be reborn as a new person with a higher vibration and a fresh outlook.  This shedding process will reveal your true highest physical self and allow you to not only live your own highest ideals but to help others do the same.

Enjoy the journey that you are on.  Mourn your losses and release with love and gratitude for all that you have learned the hard way.  The time is coming to learn the easy way, but first you must release these old patterns of 3D living.

It has been our pleasure and honor to speak to you today!

Commander McCloskey of the Celtic Federation of Arcturus

Channeled through Shawn Wilson

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