Oracle Monday on Friday


I’m so sorry!  It’s been a strange week in my world.  I don’t really know what happened on Monday or any of the other days of this week but somehow it all just got away from me and here it is Friday and I’m just posting the oracle reading that I actually DID do on Monday for all of you.  I was in a hurry, so I put the card and the guidebook in my work bag and ran out the door with the intention of sending out the reading after lunch.  But lunch went super long and then I was behind at work when I got back to the office, etc., etc….

Does any of this sound like the kind of week you had??  I sure hope not!!  But something is telling me that this is just part of the energy that is out there right now for everyone.  I hear that there are high solar winds out there causing some pretty intense energy and lots of downloads, so I guess we just need to hang on tight and ride this out.

So, the Magician card came up.  I used the Archangel Power Tarot deck again.  I seem to go to it a lot.  Speaking of this deck, it was done by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  Not long ago Doreen renounced all of her work in the spiritual community, basically calling it the work of the Devil, and has gone over to what appears to be very extreme Christianity.  Many people in the Spiritual community have stopped using her cards and work with Angels because of her change in belief systems.  Many are very angry with her.  I am not angry with her.  Disappointed maybe, but what I feel is that she is going through something that she has to go through and I have no problem letting her ride that out as long as she needs to.  The work she did in the past was true to her then and it’s still true to me now so I feel no need to throw it out.  Radleigh is still in the spiritual community and he worked to produce this beautiful deck as well.  I’m not throwing out my Doreen Virtue books and card decks.  She’s on her journey, and for a while it intersected with mine (and many others) and now it doesn’t anymore.  Perhaps it will again one day.

Okay, enough about that…

Magician!!  “You can manifest the life you want.  What you need will magically appear!  Successful beginnings.”

According to the Guidebook:  “You have the magical touch of angels on your side!  New projects that you start will be very successful.  You have all the resources you need, even if you can’t see them at this time.  You may be underestimating the skill and knowledge that you’ve accumulated.  You’re prepared for this moment in your life, and the road ahead is safe and sure.  With Archangel Raziel beside you, additional assistance in the form of guidance, supportive people, or a windfall of abundance will seem to magically appear.  Anything is possible!  However, to receive this help, you have to confidently take action.  You must move forward with your plans in a way that displays to others (and to yourself) that you have no doubt as to your coming success!”

Personal meaning for me:

Wow, well I think this card was telling me to be confident and go forth with my plans even though I might not feel prepared or ready.  I had a big meeting one day this week where I had to speak to the group and public speaking makes me very nervous, but I really want to take a leadership role with this group, so I had to move forward even though I was nervous.  I did do the necessary work to get myself prepared and asked for Divine assistance from the Angels and the meeting went extremely well.  Yesterday, I needed something to happen by the end of the day and I called on my Angels for assistance.  Within 20 minutes the situation was resolved.

So, go forth with confidence and ask the Angels for assistance when you don’t feel quite ready or prepared and I think you will witness magic happen in your life in short order.

Have a magical weekend!

Love and Light,


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