Oracle Monday: March 4, 2019

Today’s oracle reading comes from the Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray.

el morya

Today’s card is: El Morya: Awakening Presence.  The Universe is with you.  Wear a cloak of protection and love.

From the guidebook:  “El Morya ia a spiritual name that was given to protect the identity of Ranbir Singh, a spiritually aware man born into a powerful family that ruled Kashmir in the 19th century.  It is said that he interceded both spiritually and physically to stop the British invasion of the region in 1845.  This wise soul is now able to help us remove any energy from our life that is not serving our connection to God.  He is a wonderful guide to call on if we are unsure if something is real or not.  He helps awaken our I AM presence, which is our truest connection to our soul and to the universe itself.”

Extended meaning: “Spiritual protection is important at this time.  Ensure that you are cleansing your energy before putting on protection.  El Morya is here with a legion of angels to help you understand where you are at now, fire up your divine connection and detach from dramas, people, place and emotions that no longer serve you.  Remember that within you there is a mighty soul light.  Allow that light to shine through your entire being.  Then call on El Morya and his angels to surround you in a light that will keep you safe on all levels.  Also know that facing fears and seeing the truth will strengthen your connection to the universal life-force.”

Personal Message for me:  I don’t know about any of you, but ever since the beginning of this year, and especially since February, my anxiety levels have been off the charts.  I am having to do several clearings and protection prayers throughout the day to keep my energy clean and clear.  There is a lot of intense energy coming into Mother Gaia at this time, lots of intense downloads and just a lot of really intense fear that is resulting from what is going on around us.  I am being inundated daily, sometimes hourly, with this intensity and it is exhausting if I don’t guard my energy well.  I will add El Morya to my list of angels and Archangels that I ask for protection and clearing from on a daily basis.  I already feel cleaner and lighter from asking him for his assistance with my energy.

How about you?  Has your energy been pulled in all different directions lately?  Feeling out of sorts and scattered?  I hope El Morya helps you with this too.

Have a mellow and safe week!

Love and Light!


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