Oracle Monday: April 8, 2019

Today’s oracle reading comes from Angels and Ancestors oracle deck by Kyle Gray.  This is a beautiful new deck that I just acquired last week.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  The cards are divided into four groups: Sacred Ones, Guardians and Messengers, Warrior Symbols and Seasons.  The illustrations are beautiful and the feel of the cards is first rate.  I highly recommend this oracle deck.

Today’s card is: Eagle (Warrior Symbol): See from a higher perspective.


Guidebook meaning: “Look at things from a different angle. Fly higher and see new possibilities.  Eagle medicine swirls around you, encouraging you to recognize that your views or vision may be limited at this time.  Is there a chance that your own desperation, needs or ego could be blocking you from seeing the potential in your current situation?  The Eagle brings the energy of healing and love directly from the heart of Father Sky and invites you to do all things from a place of love.”

Personal message: Take time to meditate on the question that is burning in my mind for an answer and ask for Eagle to show you a new and heightened option that you have not considered yet.  Fly free and follow the freedom that you so desire.

How about you?  What message did Eagle fly in to give you today?

Have a beautiful week!


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