Message from The Divine Source of All That Is


Message from the Divine Source of All That Is:

My children, you are all doing such an amazing job of learning and growing and showing the world what living in the Light looks like.  I am so pleased with the work you are doing.  I want you to take what you are learning and spread it as far and wide as you can.  Really start to live it, integrate it and become the Light that you want to see in the world.  Like fairy dust, spread your light every where you go.  You do not have to do anything special or go any place in particular.  All you need do is live your lives in integrity with what you believe and know to be true.  Light is the way forward.  Lead your lives with Love in your heart and spread the Love you feel to everyone and every thing.  Don’t forget to give love to animals and plants as well as people.  Share you love with Mother Gaia for all she does for you.  Send her gratitude and love.  Spread your light to others so they can go and spread light to even more until the whole of humanity is glowing with Divine Light and is energized to carry the Light forward to more and more souls.  You are doing important work and I am extremely pleased with what I see.  Continue to accept the Light into your Divine Being and use it for the highest good of all you meet.

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