Oracle Monday: May 6, 2019


Today’s reading comes from Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors oracle deck.

Fire Guardian: Ignite Your Passion

From the Guidebook:

“Connect with your desires.  The sparks could lead to something beautiful.”

“Allow the Fire Guardian to help you awaken a wilder side of yourself and burn away any fear or shame that stands between you and your desires.”

Personal meaning for me:

The Fire Guardian tells me that if I am having trouble feeling passionate about any thing right now it is because I’m tired and need more rest.  After some rest, the passion will spring to life inside me and allow me to see what sets me on fire.  Follow your passion to pleasure and enjoyment.  To JOY.  Love and Joy is what matters the most.  Follow your passion and find Love and Joy.

What are you feeling passionate about?  What lights you up?  Maybe today (or this week) is the time to follow that passion.

Have a week full of passion and joy!


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