Channeled Message: Plebius of the Star Cluster Asteria

star cluster

I am Plebius of the Star Cluster Asteria.

We are a small soul group much like your own and the Ring Collective.  We are working diligently to aid human souls to ascend and to help teach them new ways of communicating and working that will make living in the higher dimensions easier.

As your vibrations raise you will find that many of the things you are accustomed to are harder than they used to be.  Even breathing can be more difficult because the air feels heavy to your new lungs.  Heavy foods are not as appealing and you yearn for lighter fare like fruits and salads with light meats and beans for energy.  Communications also are becoming lighter and higher frequency.  Much more will be done over the internet that rides on the air waves between your earth and your satellites.  Heavy spoken words are less important and harder to speak.  You will begin to get information in clusters or clumps.  Words, individual words, will not be so important.  Big ideas coming in clusters is what you will find the most helpful in the future as you ascend.  Non verbal communications will become more prevalent.  You will start to be able to send thoughts and energy through your minds, through vibrations of the higher frequencies.

This probably sounds crazy to you, but as you ascend you will know each other by the ability to communicate without saying a word.  You will recognize other light warriors this way.  You will know each other and hear each other without having to speak.  You will meet people and just know that they are on your frequency because you can understand each other without having to know much about the other person.  Work will take on a more etheric tone as well.  Of course there will still be a need for manual hard labor there on earth.  There will always be this need, but even the ditch diggers will find that digging the ditch is easiest when they open their minds to new innovations of making the job easier.  New technologies are being born at this very moment that will make many of the labor jobs easier and even more enjoyable.  The most important thing that can come from work is that it is helping others and giving the laborer joy.  This is the path that work is heading.  Those who are doing tedious and strenuous jobs are starting to feel them becoming increasingly heavy and hard to do.  New innovations will lighten their work and make it easier.

It has been our pleasure and honor to send this transmission today.   Thank you for listening and may the blessings of the Universe be yours.

Plebius of the Star Cluster Asteria

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