Channeled Message: Markelia of the Centaurian Complex


Markelia of the Centaurian Complex

I have been wanting to speak to you for quite a while now.  We have become aware of a growing problem that many are experiencing with the ascension process.  Many are experiencing strange dreams and tremors, especially in their face and head areas.   Think of the strange dreams as passageways to another dimension.  Like a vortex or portal, these dreams are giving you a glimpse of other worlds.  The veil is so thin at certain times of the month that very sensitive individuals can pick up on these other realms in their dream state.  It is ok.  There is nothing to be concerned with here.  You can not be sucked into these places through your dreams.  They are not really dreams, but you are only able to see these places thru the very thin veil that separates your worlds.  In your dream state you are very ascended and your vibration is extremely high.  Just enjoy the view and don’t worry about the dreams.

As for the tremors, it is just your brain adjusting to the higher frequencies.  There is nothing to be concerned with.  You are not having a stroke or a health issue.  When it happens, just relax and let it flow through you.  Massage the area lightly if you desire.  It will help to calm down your nerve endings.  Drink some extra water and rest more.  In general you all need to rest more.  The ascension takes a lot out of you physically and mentally so extra rest is imperative.

It has been our pleasure and honor to assist you in your ascension process.  May the blessings of the Universe by yours.

Markelia of the Centaurian Complex

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