Channeled Message: Jacobius of the Soul Group of the Pleiades


This is Jacobius of the Soul Group of the Pleiades.

We want to tell the people of earth who are working to ascend that this is a process and that they are all doing a great job.  There will be many trials and tribulations in the future.  You are going to face many challenges from those who wish to remain asleep and in the dark.  Things will certainly seem to be getting worse before they start getting better.  But have faith and listen to those like Shawn who are channeling the soul groups and higher entities.  We are here with you even on the planet.  Some of us have come in as walk ins and are with you on the earth.  We are here to help you and aid you as you ascend.  This is an exciting time to be alive on Earth and to be in physical form.  We realize it can also be a terrifying time for many.  But we assure you that Light will always prevail over the dark.  The dark seems to have the upper hand at the moment but that is an illusion.  Look around your communities for the people doing the good work and you will see the Light in your neighbors eyes and working through their hands.  The way through this time is to give love and support to everyone no matter what their political beliefs of prejudices.  We realize this is hard.  It’s easier to condemn people who believe archaic and outdated nonsense.  Realize that they are still sleeping and living in the darkness.  Your love and light will help to wake them up gently to the new world that you are building.  Love is the answer.  Love and Light and Joy.  Love and Light and Joy will heal the planet and humankind.  Spread it far and wide to all corners of the planet in all that you do and all will be well.

It has been our pleasure and honor to speak to you today and we wish you all the blessings of the Universe.

Jacobius of the Soul Group of the Pleiades


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