Oracle Monday: June 24, 2019

Today’s card reading comes from Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors card deck.

Today’s card is: Traveller: Move in a New Direction


Message (from the Guidebook):

Welcome any opportunities to travel, either to the outer world or to your inner worlds.

The Traveller card represents the gypsy spirit within.  The opportunity to move in a new direction is coming your way and ancestral wisdom is encouraging you to welcome it with open arms.  Going on a trip is an exciting process, because not only do you learn about the world, you also learn about yourself.  This card often comes up when you have a chance to go through a process of awakening and understand even more about the amazing qualities you have to share with the world.  Often such journeys can be lonely, but this in itself can teach you that you are never really alone and your angels and ancestors are there for you.

Personal Message for me:

This card is very powerful medicine for me and a wonderful reminder that I am on my right path.  It is encouraging me to continue and delve even deeper into my new journey that I am on.  It is also encouraging me to enjoy life more and remember to keep it light and look for the joy that this world has to offer me.

How about you?  How does The Traveller speak to you?

Blessings of the Universe!


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