Messages From the Universe

I’m starting a new thing that really isn’t new.  It’s just a tweek on what I’ve been doing.

I’m a beacon and a channel for the Universe.  I receive messages from a variety of entities.  I have often been told that the name of the entity is irrelevant and that, in fact, they do not use names.  They give us a name and identity because we seem to require one, but it is not something that is necessary.  Archangel Metatron spoke to me today and guided me to start entering the messages I receive as messages from the Universe, rather than from any one specific entity, unless that entity wants to be identified.  Unlike many of the channels you will see on the internet or meet in life, I do not channel just one specific group.  I have been asked to be a Beacon for the smaller soul groups and individual entities that have messages to share with us and to bring those messages forth to my readers.

So, from here out, unless I am explicitly told otherwise, my channeled messages will be posted as Messages From the Universe.  These messages are as clear and pure as any that come from large soul groups.  I am merely giving a voice to those that don’t have a channel of their own.

It is my honor and privilege to offer this service to the World and the Universe at large.

Blessings of the Universe,


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