Messages From The Universe

We too have been through the ascension process and have guidance to share with all of you.  Please remember that when it seems the darkest, the light is the closest to breaking through.  Right now it is easy to lose focus and faith that all will work out as it should, but there are so many Light Workers and Warriors, as well as the Universe, working on your behalf to help raise the vibration of your planet and your people that the Light is peaking over the horizon.  It is even more important now to keep faith and keep working for all of the good and Light in the world.  Keep spreading kindness and love, keep raising your own vibrations, and keep doing for others and showing the way.  Love will heal all and the darkness will not prevail in the end.  The darkness will try to force itself on as many as it can, but it can not touch you if you stay with the light and work towards bringing more light into the world.  There will be a day when the light will be so bright that the dark has to hide in order to stay alive and many who are aligned with darkness will realize that the Light is the way of Love and Kindness and that is what they truly desire in their world.  Keep doing your good work and keep moving forward.  The only way out is through.  Keep climbing your mountains and reach for the peaks.  We have been through this too and we know that it is scary when the darkness seems so powerful and all encompassing, but that is an illusion.  Keep faith in the light.  Look around at your friends and neighbors and realize that you are larger in number than those of the dark even though your voices might not be as loud or as boisterous as those of the dark.  The darkness screams and rants at the top of its lungs because it knows they are losing and feel desperate.  Keep working and plodding on and only focus on the light.  Spread the Light far and wide.  Keep bringing in the Light and flood your planet, your neighborhoods, your cities and streets with Light.

Channeled By Shawn B. Wilson

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