Messages From The Universe: 7/1/19

Children of Earth, of the Universe, we want you to know how loved and supported you are at every moment of every day.  We know that there is much that brings you down in spirit throughout your days and your lives and we feel your sorrow for what is going on in your world and on your planet.  We share your pain and by sharing your pain we are here to tell you that we also take some of that away from you to lessen the pain of it.  You are going through an amazing and trying time in history and in your evolution.  So much is happening now at this time that is often overwhelming.  We are here to help take some of that burden off of you so that you can continue to focus your energy on spreading Love and Light and what is true and right.  Have faith that all is well.  In the end it will all be as it should be.  Even now, as it seems that the world is so full of hate and anger there is tremendous love and support for all that is good in the world.  The world just spent the past month celebrating Pride and now more than ever there is need for all souls to stand up, to rise up in Pride with others no matter what your orientations or beliefs.  Seek solidarity with others as much as you can.  For the struggles of the few might not seem like your struggles, but they are.  For what damages one soul damages all souls.  A struggle might not seem to be any of your concern but it is.  It’s the butterfly effect in action, the ripple of the water from one stone that eventually effects all corners of the world.  Use this to motivate and spur you to move forward and help all by raising your voice in opposition to oppression anywhere you see it even if you don’t think it affects you.  It does.  It affects the whole Universe.  The higher you vibrate and your planet vibrates the more Light that is produced in the Universe which floods out the Darkness.  Remember that Love Always Wins, so keep love in your heart for all your fellow human souls who are sharing this Earthly experience with you now, even the ones who you don’t agree with.  Bring no more pain or suffering to the world than is already here, especially not in the name of Love and Light, which is pure and good and not in alignment with pain and suffering.  If it hurts another do not do it.  It’s very simple really.  If you would not want it for yourself, then don’t do it to another.  Love all and everything, even when it’s hard to do.  You don’t need to love their actions or want their life choices for your own.  But know that they are playing their role and working through their lessons as they see fit, just as you are.  Let them play their part while you play yours.  Eradicate pain and suffering for all beings large and small NOW and replace it with Love and Light as much as you can.  Send Love and Light to any who are struggling.  Your mind is so powerful.  All you need do is imagine that being with Love and Light flooding into them and it is so.  Likewise, you can send negativity to a being with your mind.  So we implore you to use your mind for good always.  Your thoughts are powerful and carry energy with them.  Use your power wisely and for its highest purpose only.  Words are also very powerful.  You may not believe that but they are.  Choose your words wisely.  Consider whether you are being loving, truthful and whether it is necessary to say what you want to say to another being.  If it is not all three things then do not say it.  Choose another way to say what you need to say or say nothing at all and send them positive loving energy with your mind.

We wish you all the best and highest of good in your continued service in the physical world.  You are there now at a special time and your work is more important than you can know.  Keep the faith that it is all working and that you have the power to make positive changes with your mind and your words.  Also your heart and your actions.  Always strive to be as positive as possible and spread the Love everywhere you go.

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