Messages From the Universe: July 8, 2019

Breavencoth of the Antares Galaxy.

We are so pleased that you have chosen to speak with us today and hear our messages for HUMankind.  Your souls are calling out to us and we hear you.  Your prayers are not going unnoticed.  We feel your pain and your anger and your frustration and your FEAR!!  We hear it and we feel it.  We know you are suffering in this moment.  We feel your suffering with you.  It pains us greatly how much you are suffering now.  Those of you who are in pain now are the sensitive loving souls of the Divine who seek love and understanding and a world where you feel safe and supported.  You do not feel this safety in your surrounding physical reality, and that is to be expected.  There are still many who are not in alignment with the Light and they are purposely working to make it hard for the Light to come in and spread throughout the planet.

But please, we are here to tell you to keep hanging on.  We know you are suffering, but you are never alone.  You are being protected by many strong and powerful entities that only want the best for you.  You are stronger than you think and much more powerful than you ever imagined.  LOVE is more powerful than you can imagine.  Seek love and spread love.  You will attract that which you sow.  So, focus on the many many things that are right in your life and know that that which is not well with the world is being healed by the love you share with others and yourself.  Spread Love and help others and this will continue to heal your planet as well as the collective souls which are incarnated at this moment in space.

The Creator is watching with Love and Admiration for the work you are doing, for it is Divine and full of Grace.  It takes courage and strength to face Evil and Hatred daily.  It takes determination and resolve to not let the darkness take over your Spirit when all hope seems to be lost.  It is not lost.  Look around you at the Beauty and the Peace that is covering and blanketing most of the world today.  Yes, there are terrible things still happening and perhaps there will always be some terrible things going on.  You will continue to fight for what is right and good in the world every day because that is why you are there now.  You are a Bringer of Light, a Light Bearer.  You are leading the way for generations to come to live in Peace and Love and a better world.

Be strong and have faith that the Light Will Prevail in the end.  Continue to bring in the Light and squash out the Darkness.

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