Messages From the Universe:7/12/19

Sister Simsonia of the Sisters of the Light

Thank you so much for listening to our message today.  We have been wanting to reach out to the souls on Earth for quite a while now.

Our message is simple.  We are a simple Sisterhood of feminine Spirits who are bound together for the common purpose of spreading Light into the darkest corners of the Universe.   We are a very gentle grouping of Souls, yet our Light is extremely brilliant and laser focused when we put all of our energy together at one time.  We are, at this time, focusing our powerful laser Light on the planet Earth, especially the United States.  We send some energy to other dark corners that need Light, but the US is getting most of our attention at this time.

It is our hope that you are starting to see the breaking apart of some of the Darkness that once, not long ago, felt like it was invincible and unbreakable.  At this time, much of that is starting to show serious signs of breaking apart and shattering into millions of pieces.  Expect the this dark energy to fight harder and harder until it is completely blown apart.  It’s efforts are futile however.  We are much stronger than it is and much more in alignment with what the majority of the souls on Earth are hoping for.

There is much work to be done, even after the darkness breaks apart.  We need all of you to work together like we do to put your different perspectives together and bring in a new world that serves all much better than every in the past.  We know that you can do it if you focus yourselves for the greater good and the whole of the planet.

We are, in sisterhood, sending you Love and Light on a daily basis and praying for your continued rise out of the darkness that has been enveloping your planet for decades.

Rise up and work together to build the world you want to live in.

It can be done!

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