Channeled Message: 8/12/19

This is Osiris, ancient God of Egypt, companion of Isis and ruler of dark matter.

My message to you is about darkness.  As the ruler of dark matter I can tell you that the darkness on Earth is growing and expanding ever day.  It is working hard to infringe on the Light of the Earth and take it over.  You have been aware of this for a long time, so it is not news.  The shootings and mass murders you are seeing heat up are off shoots of this darkness.  It is an illness on your land and must be eradicated by continuing and growing the Light in every corner that you can uncover.  The answer is not more cruelty or hate, but Love and Truth and Honesty and Understanding compassion.  This is not to say that the perpetrators of the darkness should be allowed to continue to kill and mame and inflict terror or that they should be forgiven easily.  What it means is that the way to counter act and neutralize the darkness is to focus only on the positive and loving and light of the world and snuff out the darkness by not shedding light on it.  Save the Light for that which is worthy of it.  Send light to the victims, the heroes, the Light Warriors who are in the trenches and front lines of this war and fill them with light.  Give them your attention.  Do good deeds and help each other regardless of your political or religious perspectives.  Listen to each other with open hearts minds and ears and you might just find that even when someone might seem to be aligned on the enemy camp there is much that you share in common and provide love and light for the positive that they are doing.  Drown out the darkness.  Fill your news stories with positivity and give the evil doers only the slightest mention in your news outlets.  Your leader is fond of rushing and flooding the news with negativity and darkness to confuse and distract you, to frustrate you to confound you and anger you.  Ignore him.  He is just the facade and fake idol of the real enemy which is the darkness that he is the mouthpiece for.  Love each other and respect each other and do not let these Dark Warriors steal your light and over shadow the Good and Positive.  Be strong and believe in the power of Love and Light for it is the most powerful thing in the Universe.  With out it none of us would be here and there would be no creation.

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