Messages From the Universe: 8/19/19


I am honored to speak to you today.  I am a very old soul who has lived many lifetimes on many different planes and in many different realms.  I have seen more than most souls who have not merged with The One yet.  I will be merging soon and becoming whole and integrated with Source very soon.  I am still in Spirit form because there is still work for me to do and one of those things is to communicate with people like you who are dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet and mankind, and therefore, the Universe and making it more powerful and stronger.  I know that you all are going through difficult times now and it feels very daunting to stay on the right and positive path that you are called to follow.  I have seen so many similar time periods and culture wars such as you are experiencing right now and I can tell you that the Light Always Wins in the end.  Now, we know that sometimes it takes a while and can seem like forever to make progress…or to see your progress…but believe me when I say that every little positive thing you do makes a huge difference not just to you but to all in the Universe.  No matter what happens on your planet, if you are of the Light you will return to the Light.  There must be balance between dark and light and right now it SEEMS that there is an over abundance of darkness, but there isn’t.  The darkness is a vocal minority.  The majority of the energy in the world is either neutral or light based.  The goal is to bring the neutral more towards the Light so that it can not be persuaded and lured into the dark.  Random kindness towards all is key.  Show the neutral what it means to walk in the light and they will want to feel that way too.  Living in the dark makes them feel sick and awful.  The Light cleanses all of that and purifies the spirit.  There will still be good days and bad, but in the Light it is so much nicer and easier to move through the dark times.  Much love to all of you and keep rising up to the Light in all that you do.

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