Messages From the Universe: 8/23/19

st. cecilia

Saint Cecilia says:

Music has a way to heal the heart and soul like nothing else.  I am the patron saint of music and musicians and I am here to say that when you are feeling low and need something to heal, cleanse, uplift or just generally change your perspective, nothing does this better or faster than music.  Think of the energy that you desire and pick a piece of music to listen to that resonates and magnifies that energy and soon you will find yourself taking that energy into your own auric field.  Even better would be to move to the music, sway, dance, tap your foot, hum along, participate with the music.  If you can actually make the music yourself this is the ultimate in feeling the power of music.  Enjoy music and let it wash over you and clear your spirit and soul of unwanted energy.  Let it entertain you.  Let it purify you.  Let it energize you.  Feel it in your bones.  Feel it flowing through your veins.  Let it heal you.  Any music that you enjoy will do.  Embrace music into your life, especially when you need a change of perspectives.

With Love and Light, St. Cecilia

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