Thanksgiving Gratitude

I have an old friend that I used to run around with a long time ago when I was following a Native American spiritual path.  She's still very involved in that world, which is great for her, though it is not the right path for me.  Last year when I posted a Happy Thanksgiving wish … Continue reading Thanksgiving Gratitude

Shedding the Old to Make Way for the New

Spring is a wonderful time to clear out the old, worn and dead pieces of our lives that are no longer working for us.  We often do a spring cleaning around our houses and our yards, but how often do we extend this purging into our private lives or even our professional lives?  I'd say that … Continue reading Shedding the Old to Make Way for the New

Manifesting Abundance

Today, we would like to say that, first of all, we are thrilled to be here communing with Shawn and you through this medium and are very pleased to be able to share our understanding and knowledge.  We are here today to speak to you about manifesting and abundance.  This is a very hot topic … Continue reading Manifesting Abundance