Channeled Message: Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene: My message today is of joy and love.  You will probably hear a similar message form many who channel and spread knowledge.  It is always good to hear it again, though, so I am here today to simply say that the Universe loves you.  God loves you.  The Angels and all of the … Continue reading Channeled Message: Mary Magdalene

Fear and Anxiety Revisited

Yesterday was a rough day for me, personally.  I had one of the biggest anxiety attacks I've ever experienced, which led to medicating myself with anxiety pills and spending the majority of the day feeling like a zombie.  I didn't start to feel better...

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I have an old friend that I used to run around with a long time ago when I was following a Native American spiritual path.  She's still very involved in that world, which is great for her, though it is not the right path for me.  Last year when I posted a Happy Thanksgiving wish … Continue reading Thanksgiving Gratitude