Channeled Message: Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid

We are the Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid.  We are pleased to be able to communicate with you today and bring you our message of hope and support as you all continue along your ascension process. Your ascension is continuing to manifest in exactly the way that you all need at this time and … Continue reading Channeled Message: Galactic Nation of the Opal Asteroid

Channeled Message: Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation

Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation: We are here today to spread a message to all of humankind and are very honored to be able to speak with you and your readers.  Our message is very simple.  We want you to know that you are not alone and that some of us are already there … Continue reading Channeled Message: Johanson of the Isis Starseed Nation

How I Became A Channel

I can tell you that The Universe is abuzz with excitement for what is going on now on Earth and the work that is being done at all levels. Every soul that wakes up and "sees the Light", literally, is a delight to the Universe. Every new Light Worker or Light Warrior that heeds the call to action is a delight and...

Channeled Messages: Jordania and President Bush

Jordania Excelsior Knight of the Sisterhood of Lightworkers I reside at the portal between our dimensions and help to usher in new souls and assist with returning souls.  We are seeing an ever increasing flow of souls coming in to assist at this time.  Some are coming in to be walk ins but most are … Continue reading Channeled Messages: Jordania and President Bush

Channeled Message: Katchon of Caspar Soul Group in Sirius

As many of you know, the energy on the planet is shifting and everyone is going through a transformation of sorts which is all very unique to each individual and piece of the planet.  No two people will experience this transformation exactly the same way.  Anyone who tells you that everyone will experience any unique … Continue reading Channeled Message: Katchon of Caspar Soul Group in Sirius

Channeled Message from Jacob: October 4, 2018

We wish to talk about the abundance of darkness in the world that you are witnessing now.  This is a topic we have spoken of before with you and Shawn, but as the awareness rises along with the amount of darkness that is coming to the surface, we feel it necessary to keep reminding all of you what the reason is for this happening NOW.  The proverbial pot is starting to really boil now

Channeled Message from Jacob: 9/21/18

Many of you have felt the energetic vibrations shifting in the world around you in the last couple of weeks.  The Earth is in its process of changing seasons once again and the planets have been surrounding Earth closer than usual with their energetic pulls and a lot of that has started to lessen and has released the tension and stress that many of you felt over the past few months. 

Follow Your Joy

Channeled conversation with Jacob, The Ring Collective: This message is for all, though it is born from observing Shawn in his daily life and pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment and higher attunement. What we have observed is that you work and work and work on this subject and that subject and sometimes you find yourself whirling … Continue reading Follow Your Joy

Huge Expansion Coming Soon

We suggest that you take this time to learn new things.  This energy is perfect for staying put and focusing on learning and education that you can soon implement and use in action once the energy loosens up.  Now is a time of

Channeled Message from Jacob: Mars-Earth Energy Surge

Mars, being closer to the Earth than it has been in a very long time is bringing higher levels of energy and this can even mean that some are more easily angered and agitated than normal.  The Martian energy can be