Be at Peace With Who You are Right Now

Greetings! If you are anything like our friend, Shawn, you are one who is always interested in learning new things and bettering yourself and your lot in life.  This is an admirable pursuit and allotment of your time and energy.  However, if you don't balance these very expensive endeavors out with pure joy and gratitude … Continue reading Be at Peace With Who You are Right Now

Embrace Your Faults and Let Go

This morning when I woke up I had a running dialogue in my head about how I hadn't been following my schedule like I had planned and I was behind at work, which led to me feeling like I was failing at my life and not doing all I "should" be doing.  Which led me … Continue reading Embrace Your Faults and Let Go

Ring Collective: A General Message from Jacob

We are happy and humbled to be able to be here today and share our message with you. Like many of you, we are relatively new and inexperienced with communicating with a spirit in human form. It has certainly been done many times before by many people and energy systems in the Universe, but our … Continue reading Ring Collective: A General Message from Jacob

Spirit of Generosity

Channeled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective: The Federation is now in talks to discuss the future of the ascension and its progress.  Lots has been accomplished so far but we have quite a ways to go yet and we're hoping to have it completed in the next year or two maximum.  In the meantime, … Continue reading Spirit of Generosity

You Are Not a Computer

Channeled messaged from Joshua of the Ring Collective: Greetings!  We are very pleased to speak to you today about what it means to ascend.  We talk a lot about getting downloads and upgrades.  This makes you sound like a computer system.  You are, of course, not a computer, but a soul, a spirit, energy.  The … Continue reading You Are Not a Computer

Year of Transformation

Channelled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective: This new year that is closing upon you soon will be quite the year of transformations and clarifications.  As the veil lifts on the world and people can see what has been hidden and out of sight many will find themselves living a much more purposeful and meaningful … Continue reading Year of Transformation

Embrace Variety

Good day!  Today we would like to talk about what has been going on in the world around you while you weren't looking.  The energy is definitely shifting into a more positive and loving vibration.  It's no accident that this is happening during your high holiday seasons of thanks and celebration of life and connection … Continue reading Embrace Variety

Energy Shift in the Universe

Channeled message from Jacob: We want to talk today about the energy of the universe.  Just like the planet and humanity, the universe is also expanding and raising its vibration.  What that means is that life on your planet is evolving and anyone who doesn't evolve, or resists evolving, will have a very hard time.  … Continue reading Energy Shift in the Universe

Resistance and Procrastination

​Resistance is a big problem in the third dimension.  It is fueled by fear and fear is the enemy of the human psyche and spiritual growth.  Fear lowers your vibration and makes it harder for the spirit world to get in and communicate.  However, it inversely attracts the lower spirits and can cause fearful people … Continue reading Resistance and Procrastination