Channeled Message: Mother Gaia

Channeled message from Gaia, Mother of Earth I want to send a message to all children of Earth to keep sending me the loving and healing energies whenever you ask for grounding.  The exchange of energies is helping me so very much to heal from all of the damage that has been done over the … Continue reading Channeled Message: Mother Gaia

Channeled Message: Commander Salavendahar of the Arcturus Starseed Nation

This is Commander Salavandahar , High Commander for the Arcturus Starseed Nation. I have been needing to talk to you of an urgent matter to share in your world.  As you are aware there is some very intense energy coming in at this time.  Mixed with it is some dangerous energies that could be confused … Continue reading Channeled Message: Commander Salavendahar of the Arcturus Starseed Nation

How I Became A Channel

I can tell you that The Universe is abuzz with excitement for what is going on now on Earth and the work that is being done at all levels. Every soul that wakes up and "sees the Light", literally, is a delight to the Universe. Every new Light Worker or Light Warrior that heeds the call to action is a delight and...

Channeled Messages: Jordania and President Bush

Jordania Excelsior Knight of the Sisterhood of Lightworkers I reside at the portal between our dimensions and help to usher in new souls and assist with returning souls.  We are seeing an ever increasing flow of souls coming in to assist at this time.  Some are coming in to be walk ins but most are … Continue reading Channeled Messages: Jordania and President Bush

Channeled Messages

October 9, 2018 Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron: To all of you Light Workers and Warriors out there who are spreading the knowledge that is coming through you now and using your gifts to heal the darkness and wounds of the past, I want you to know that you can call on me at any … Continue reading Channeled Messages

Channeled Message from Jacob: October 4, 2018

We wish to talk about the abundance of darkness in the world that you are witnessing now.  This is a topic we have spoken of before with you and Shawn, but as the awareness rises along with the amount of darkness that is coming to the surface, we feel it necessary to keep reminding all of you what the reason is for this happening NOW.  The proverbial pot is starting to really boil now