How I Became A Channel

I can tell you that The Universe is abuzz with excitement for what is going on now on Earth and the work that is being done at all levels. Every soul that wakes up and "sees the Light", literally, is a delight to the Universe. Every new Light Worker or Light Warrior that heeds the call to action is a delight and...

Channeled Messages

October 9, 2018 Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron: To all of you Light Workers and Warriors out there who are spreading the knowledge that is coming through you now and using your gifts to heal the darkness and wounds of the past, I want you to know that you can call on me at any … Continue reading Channeled Messages

Oracle Monday: October 22, 2018

This week's oracle card comes from Colette Baron-Reid's The Good Tarot deck. Each Monday I ask my Angels and Guides to pick a card from a deck of their choice to use as a focus point for the week or a message that we all need to hear at the time that we see this … Continue reading Oracle Monday: October 22, 2018

Channeled Message from Jacob: October 4, 2018

We wish to talk about the abundance of darkness in the world that you are witnessing now.  This is a topic we have spoken of before with you and Shawn, but as the awareness rises along with the amount of darkness that is coming to the surface, we feel it necessary to keep reminding all of you what the reason is for this happening NOW.  The proverbial pot is starting to really boil now

Confessions of a Co-Dependent

I really don't like admitting this to myself or anyone else, but, the truth is, I'm a co-dependent. My wife and I are both co-dependents upon each other. I have had co-dependency issues for all of my adult life, especially when I'm in a relationship with another person. Alone, as a single guy, I never feel complete and whole. I NEED another person in my life to make me feel

7 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Spirit Guides

Our guides are dedicated to one soul, but each soul- the oversoul- is split into many lives. Think octopus arms as different lives, but the whole body is one soul. I wrote about this concept in another post called, past lives aren’t in the past. But this is not true for all guides.