“I met Shawn almost a year ago when he gave me a reading. I was transitioning from doing remote crystal healing and readings, strictly by word of mouth, to having an online presence. I was freaked out about the vast size of the internet, along with all the potential and possible failures that could happen. My guides continued to usher me in that direction, although, I felt comfortable where I was, I knew I had to move into something different.

Shawn was instrumental in helping me make that change. With his strong intuitive voice, he gave me the assurance and confidence I needed to push through the dissonance I felt. Without knowing any detail, except my question, he presented me with exactly the right information that I needed to move forward- confirming what my guides were telling me, and giving me the direction I needed to proceed.

Since that time, Shawn has continued to coach me and support me in my personal life and with my business. Shawn has a wealth of knowledge to draw from. I always feel confident in his intuitive advice and take to heart what he has to say. Even though I am an intuitive and can easily read for others, it’s pretty hard to discern my own information. Sometimes I think I know what I need to do, but for all other times, there’s Shawn. If you are looking for a coach and intuitive who will know the best direction to lead you, with information straight from your guides, Shawn is your man. I highly recommend working with him. You won’t regret it.”   – Miki

“Shawn’s reading for me answered three diverse questions. The information he passed on to me was very accurate, especially in areas relating to current predicaments and the way that I was dealing with them – or not dealing with them! His personal assessment of me as an individual was very accurate and convinced me that he achieved direct communication with my guides. He offered good advice in a sensitive and supportive manner. Additionally he pulled Tarot cards which gave extra clarification and meaningful guidance. I wouldn’t hesitate to approach Shawn for a reading.”   – Andrea

“Shawn’s reading for me was amazing! He has an incredible gift. First, let me say from a ‘technical’ standpoint, the reading was beautifully presented.  I liked how he explained his process and organized everything. Shawn has a friendly, down-to-earth way about him and it carried over in his message. So sincere!  And, I pick up a feeling of genuine caring and compassion from him. Much appreciated! I am highly encouraged that I am on the right path and blessed by the information he gave me. His reading offered insight, validation, encouragement and the opportunity for me to learn so much!”   – Jill

“My readings with Shawn proved to be very enlightening.  I truly felt as if my guides were speaking to him on my behalf. What I learned also came to fruition within months. I highly recommend his services; especially if you’re seeking clarity about a situation in your life.” – Amy